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Protect Your Premium Game Rights From Geo-Piracy

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Combat geo-fraud without impacting legitimate players

  • Stop revenue leakage

    Ensure player compliance to TOS by blocking attempts to spoof location and access goods/services for lowered prices in different regions.

  • Increase game performance

    Protect the game experience by restricting beta games and soft releases to permitted regions.

  • Improve system and player security

    Block players in high-risk regions, protect vulnerable users, and ensure fair game-play.

  • A multi-layered fraud protection solution against VPNs, proxies, peer-to-peer networks and other types of data manipulation.

    Protect Your Premium Game Rights
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    • 99.6%

      success rate for VPN

    • 10 billion+

      requests per month

    • 340%

      increase in gaming cyberattacks during pandemic*

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      Fraudulent IPaddress database

      Provides a dynamic, continuously updated list of IP addresses identified as fraudulent.

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      Advanced location spoofing

      Detects advanced location spoofing techniques such as proxy over VPN and residential IP hijacking.

    • real-time-icon

      Real-time rules engine

      Recognizes methods of deception used to mask the true nature of fraudulent IP addresses.

    • predict-emergency-icon

      Predict emerging threats

      Detects advanced location spoofing techniques such as proxy over VPN and residential IP hijacking.

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      A customizable, spoof-proof geolocation solution that works with a wide range of devices and user interfaces.

    GeoComply’s Location Fraud Detection Solutions

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    Easy to implement

    GeoGuard is available as a locally hosted database, a cloud-hosted solution or via an API.


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    Seamlessly integrated with leading CDNs

    GeoGuard is seamlessly integrated with leading content delivery networks (CDNs) including Akamai and Amazon CloudFront, enabling you to simply “turn on” VPN and proxy detection.


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    CSI Awards

    Winner 2021Best Content Protection Technology