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Protecting Territorially-Restricted Content From the Surge In Geolocation Fraud and Geo-Piracy

webinar protecting territorially restricted content
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The pandemic has driven a surge in VPN and Proxy usage to bypass territorial restrictions on content, threatening rightsholders and streaming video providers that rely on territorial exclusivity for their revenues.

Content piracy is a complex problem overall, but fortunately geolocation fraud and geo-piracy is one area that can be addressed easily and effectively. Whether you’re a studio, rightsholder, sports league, OTT, online broadcaster or a content producer, this is a session you won’t want to miss.

Learn about geo-piracy and geolocation fraud and its impact, including:

  • The effect of geolocation fraud and content leakage on media rights values
  • What should be included in rights contracts to ensure compliance with territorial restrictions
  • Advanced spoofing techniques such as hijacked residential IPs and how to thwart them
  • The tools and techniques available to effectively combat geo-piracy and geolocation fraud
  • Implementation and integration options at the CDN level to “turn-on” territorial content restrictions

Panelists Include:

  • Lee Kent, Content Protection Manager, beIN Media Group
  • Chris Odgers, Consultant, former VP of Technology, WarnerMedia
  • James Clark, Global Sales, GeoComply
  • Steven Hawley, Piracy Monitor (moderator)

With venues such as theaters and sports areas mostly empty, it’s critical that studios, sports leagues and other content producers and distributors take a stand against geolocation fraud and geo-piracy. Not only to protect the value of their content and streaming revenues, but also to protect the livelihoods of everyone employed in the entertainment industry.

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