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The Next Generation of Content Protection

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Moving Beyond IP for Location Verification

When it comes to accessing territorially restricted, high-value content, pirates are utilizing increasingly sophisticated methods to circumvent existing location fraud detection tools.

Content leakage via VPNs and Proxies siphons off the value of premium content, putting the entire streaming ecosystem at risk.

To uphold territorial exclusivity, rights owners and OTT broadcasters need a robust, layered solution to combat the ever-evolving digital piracy threat.

In this white paper you’ll learn:

  • Why IP addresses are increasingly insufficient for location verification.
  • New techniques VPN providers are using to circumvent detection and how to combat them. 
  • Why OTTs need to move toward a multi-source location data solution that goes beyond IP addresses.
  • How advanced geolocation technology helps protect the value of premium content and ensure compliance with territorial contract restrictions.