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May 4,  2021
After a difficult year, employees need strong leaders to inspire them. “In the wake of the pandemic, the ability to truly listen and empathize with others has become even more important because of the extra challenges in keeping employees happy and motivated in previously unimaginable circumstances,” said Elizabeth Cronan, GeoComply’s VP of Government Relations. Check out more insights from Elizabeth in the FiscalNote Executive Institute’s “Powering through the Pandemic: Lessons in Resilience from Leading Women in Government Affairs.”

April 27,  2021
Still using IP addresses for location checks? You could be letting online fraudsters and cybercriminals run free on your platform! Location fraud detection beyond IP is crucial to unmasking bad actors online – see how in the 2021 Paladin Fraud Prevention Vendor Report, from the Merchant Risk Council. Learn more on this page.

April 13,  2021
GeoComply is delighted to be working with media industry veteran Chris Odgers, leveraging his 20+ years’ experience at Warner Bros. along with his deep technical knowledge and expertise in content security and negotiating complex content rights deals. Chris’ insight into the industry will be invaluable as we work with studios and rightsholders to protect their premium content from geo-piracy caused by VPNs and Proxies.

April 12,  2021
GeoComply will be contributing its expertise in fraud technology to the Chamber of Digital Commerce, the world’s leading trade association representing the digital asset and blockchain industry. As a world leader in geolocation fraud prevention solutions, we support the chamber’s goal to help law enforcement fight money laundering, terrorist financing and other crimes – while fostering innovation. Learn more about Digital Chamber.

April 11,  2021

Geo-Piracy is the Tip of the Iceberg When it Comes to Hijacked Residential IPs. Europol’s take down of Mobdro, the world’s largest pirate IPTV app, provided another view into the dangers of hijacked residential IPs. To opt-out of ads on the app, users could “consent” to having their IP address, device and bandwidth hijacked by the Luminati network and sold to the highest bidder for illegal activities such as DDoS attacks, money laundering or as we know, for “undetectable” access to geo-restricted content. Fortunately, we have a solution to combat these “hijacked” residential IPs, learn more here.

April 8,  2021

How many fraudulent merchants did you onboard in 2020 – and not even know it? A flood of merchants went online in 2020 – most good, some bad. Detect the difference by adding accurate geolocation data to your onboarding process to keep fraudsters off your platform. Learn how in our article in the Merchant Fraud Journal’s 2021 eCommerce Fraud Trends Report, p.18.

March 23,  2021

Banks are slowly starting to recognize the value of advanced geolocation data. In a recent PYMNTS article, Angel Kadelski, head of U.S. mobile banking platforms for TD Bank, included geolocation verification as a vital data point to strengthen digital identity, improve KYC/onboarding and detect fraud. Our recent webinar took a deep dive into the value of advanced geolocation data for unmasking bad actors online. Check it out here.

March 18,  2021

The Indian government recently proposed legislation for banning cryptocurrency. If the law passes, exchanges will be required to exclude residents from their platforms. Advanced location data pinpoints a user’s true location – even those hiding behind VPNs – so exchanges can accurately block traders from restricted jurisdictions and avoid regulatory action. Our white paper tells you how!

February 11,  2021

Hide And Seek: Geolocation Helps Uncover Fraudsters’ Identity. Before committing cyber crimes, fraudsters must conceal their true identities. Discover how geolocation data helps FIs win the game of hide-and-seek against bad actors in this PYMNTS interview featuring Elizabeth Cronan, GeoComply’s VP of Government Relations. Watch it here.

January 6,  2021
2021 will be a digital odyssey and “digital-first” companies will be the winners in the new year, writes GeoGuard CEO David Briggs in PYMNTS’ A Look Forward: What Executives Wish for America And the World In 2021. Post-pandemic, consumers will be happy to have the exotic thrill of paying for something in cash again but once the nostalgia is over, the future will be irreversibly digital. Read the full article on p. 54.

December 30,  2020

Regulators are stepping up enforcement of KYC, AML and sanctions rules. Discover why financial institutions must act now to mitigate their compliance risk – and how location data can help — in this PYMNTS interview featuring Trevor Wingert, GeoComply’s Senior Consultant, KYC & Anti-Fraud Solutions. Catch it here.

December 7,  2020

Check out this interview with GeoComply’s CEO David Briggs by Karen Webster, CEO of PYMNTS, on why banks should use geolocation data to fight fraud and keep their customers’ accounts secure. Spoiler alert: It’s because customers want them to!

December 3,  2020

Geo-piracy has surged during the pandemic, as viewers bypassed territorial restrictions on premium content using VPN and DNS proxies. Check out this MESA/CDSA article on how GeoComply’s third-party tested, “Hollywood Studio Approved” solutions help broadcasters like the BBC tackle geo-piracy and protect the value of their content.

December 2,  2020
The demand for video streaming services has surged during the pandemic, but so has the piracy of premium content. Discover how Foxtel, Australia’s premiere streaming provider, fights geo-piracy and protects the value of content with Akamai and GeoGuard. Watch the on-demand video (from the 11:00 mark) from the Akamai Edge Live website, go to Sessions, select Media Delivery Track and find the Foxtel Journey on-demand session

December 2,  2020

David Briggs, GeoComply’s CEO, will be participating in a “fireside chat” at the Jefferies Virtual Sports Betting & iGaming Summit tomorrow. This event brings together leaders and experts in the Sports Betting industry to cover a number of important topics influencing the sector. Click on this link to listen!

November 18,  2020
GeoGuard is proud to be an Official Supporter of International Fraud Awareness Week. With the global pandemic, fraud rates have spiked as companies quickly moved their businesses online. GeoGuard is committed to applying our advanced location-fraud detection technology to help consumers, governments and businesses fight online fraud.

November 13,  2020

Online fraudsters have one thing in common: they try to conceal their true location before committing their cybercrime. Discover how to unmask bad actors and deter fraud with location data in this PYMNTS interview featuring Elizabeth Cronan, GeoComply’s VP of Government Relations. Watch it here.

November 9,  2020
GeoGuard’s CEO David Briggs is featured, along with co-founder and chairman Anna Sainsbury, in Business in Vancouver’s article “Piracy crackdowns increase as content demand surges.” David discusses how increased viewing during COVID-19 makes revenues from online streaming more important than ever. He also explains how the surge in geo-piracy due to VPN and DNS proxy usage puts the entire streaming ecosystem at risk, and how the industry can safeguard the territorial business model it relies on. Read the full article here.

October 8, 2020
Check out this interview with GeoGuard CEO David Briggs by Karen Webster, CEO of PYMNTS on the use of accurate customer location data to improve account security and combat fraud in the banking and financial services industry. Read more on the website.

September 28, 2020

Join GeoComply’s Founder and Chairman Anna Sainsbury on the webinar “Extending Our Responsibility with the Growth of Legal Gaming” presented by the AGA. She will offer her insights and expertise on responsible gaming and how it’s evolving and adapting to players’ needs. To watch this webinar, click here.

August 26, 2020
GeoComply Hits One Billion Geolocation Transactions For 2020. It took us eight years to hit our 1st billion transactions running through our systems and only eight months to hit our 2nd!

The growth in digital channels in the US regulated iGaming market has truly been an awesome experience to be a part. It’s been exciting to see so many new States pass legislation and make the transition to legalize, tax and regulate sports betting, iLottery and iGaming.

Congratulations to all our partners and customers for their exceptional work in opening new markets and in completing so many successful launches all across the US.

With four months left in 2020 and with many leagues in playoffs and the NFL season set to start, let’s see if we hit another billion transactions before the year is over!

June  8, 2020
GeoComply and CEO David Briggs were featured on a Global News BC story that talks about the company’s role in the legal sports betting industry as well as our sponsorship of the GeoComply Remote Darts League. Watch David hit a bullseye! Check out the video.

April 22, 2020
GeoComply is very pleased to announce that we have received our temporary operating license for Illinois. We are honored to be one of the select few online suppliers to have reached this milestone and support the launch of online sports betting in the state!

January 7, 2020
We are extremely excited to have Elizabeth Cronan join the GeoGuard team! Elizabeth was most recently with the AGA, where she led their efforts towards greater compliance with State and Federal financial regulations as well as their anti-money laundering and KYC initiatives. Her experience and expertise will be critical as we apply our anti-fraud technology to the FinTech industry in 2020.

November 14, 2019
GeoGuard was tested against 10 of the most popular VPN services. Accurate VPN detection is critical for rightsholders and premium OTT providers to protect their valuable content against geolocation fraud and geo-piracy. Check out the latest 3rd party testing report on the effectiveness of GeoGuard against the 10 most popular VPNs.

November 4, 2019
GeoComply’s VP of Regulatory Affairs, Lindsay Slader, will be testifying in two State hearings this week, Ohio on the 6th and Missouri on the 7th, discussing geolocation compliance technology and how it is used to uphold state and federal laws.

October 25, 2019
GeoComply’s founder and CEO David Briggs recognized as a “Sports Betting Power Player” in this recent edition of Sports Business Journal. Click here to read more.

June 29, 2019
Lindsay Slader, VP of Regulatory Affairs discusses GeoComply’s geolocation solution for iOS devices with Play Pennsylvania. Read the full article here.

June 25, 2019
Congratulations to our customer Mubi on the launch of their streaming service in Southeast Asia! Their unique approach to offering highly curated content specific to the geographical area is working well!

May 15, 2019
GeoComply’s Anna Sainsbury provides some excellent insights into the history, development and future of geolocation technology in this interview with BMM Testlabs published in the May issue of InterGaming magazine. Click here to read the interview. Read the full magazine.

May 13, 2019
GeoComply’s Lindsay Slader quoted extensively in this article, discussing this week’s New York Senate hearing on Racing, Gaming and Wagering. Interesting data point by Lindsay: 44% of users attempting to log into a New Jersey app from outside the border hail from New York.

GeoComply attended ICE North America on May 13-15 in Boston.

May 8, 2019
Check out the video of Lindsay Slader’s testimony at the New York State Senate Hearing – Committee on Racing, Gaming and Wagering, discussing the critical role that geolocation technology plays in the regulated iGaming industry. Watch here.

May 8, 2019
A great interview with GeoComply’s John Pappas on the geolocation challenges of Washington, DC and why location accuracy is important not only for compliance but also from a commercial and tax revenue perspective. Read the full article by clicking here.

May 6, 2019
GeoComply’s Lindsay Slader will be testifying at the New York State Senate Hearing on May 8 – Committee on Racing, Gaming and Wagering, discussing the critical role that geolocation technology plays in the regulated iGaming industry.

May 1, 2019
GeoComply’s John Pappas will be testifying before the Michigan State House – Ways and Means Committee on May 2 regarding the critical role that geolocation technology plays in the regulated iGaming industry.

April 26, 2019
Check out the video of John Pappas’ testimony to Illinois Subcommittee on Sports Wagering about the role of geolocation compliance in the online sports wagering market.

April 22, 2019
GeoComply’s John Pappas will be testifying before the Illinois State House Subcommittee on Sports Wagering on April 25 regarding the critical role that geolocation technology plays in regulated sports betting.

April 1, 2019
Nearly everything you need to know about geolocation for the iGaming world based on Jill Dorson’s interview with Lindsay Slader, GeoComply’s regulatory and geolocation compliance expert! Click here to view the full article.

March 28, 2019
Congratulations to West Virginia for becoming the 5th state to legalize iGaming! We are looking forward to working with our partners in West Virginia to provide our award-winning geolocation compliance solutions.

March 20, 2019
GeoComply participated in the AGA Sports Betting Executive Summit 2019.

March 15, 2019
As reported in MIRS: “The Michigan Gaming Control Board doesn’t have a problem regulating internet gaming and online sports betting. In fact, should the state Legislature choose to allow it, regulators could audit and control those games more than at a walk-in-the-door casino.

Executive Director Richard Kalm told the Michigan House Regulatory Reform Committee last week that “if iGaming or sports betting is legalized, his shop would use geolocation technology to track where bets were coming from.”

“In New Jersey, they have a map — and we would have something similar — a map where they can actually see bets trying to come in from New York,” Kalm said. “You can see people trying to place bets, trying to come in from New York across the border. They can’t accept those bets because of geolocation. But in New Jersey you can see on a map every place where a bet is being placed and you can see who is betting it.”

Every transaction is logged online, Kalm said, so the MGCB would be able see each of those bets, giving it “much more oversight and control with an iGaming platform.”Read the full story here.

March 11, 2019
GeoComply will be testifying before the Michigan State House Regulatory Reform Committee regarding proposed legislation to license and regulate internet gaming on March 12. John Pappas will be discussing geolocation technology and how it’s used to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations.

January 24, 2019
GeoComply’s VP of Regulatory Affairs, Lindsay Slader, featured in an interesting article by Grant Lucas regarding the impact of out-of-state sports bettors crossing into New Jersey. Click here to read the full article.

January 24, 2019
GeoComply’s VP of Regulatory Affairs, Lindsay Slader’s interview to Legal Sports Report on tackling the geolocation challenges of the new DC sports betting bill. Click here to read the full article.

January 7, 2019
“The minute you cross over to New Jersey, the app works.”

This New York Post article notes how accurate geolocation technology ensures legal sports betting in New Jersey. GeoComply is pleased to be working with all the major sports betting operators in the state to make it happen!

November 29, 2018
GeoComply’s CEO David Briggs was featured in another New York Times article on sports betting in New Jersey, talking about the geolocation safeguards in place to ensure integrity. “If anyone was ever to engage in any type of nefarious activity, this would be the worst place to do it,” Mr. Briggs said. “Because we got you.” Click here to read the full article.

November 20, 2018
Excellent article written by John Brennan on sports betting in New Jersey, including a discussion with David Briggs on the role of GeoComply’s geolocation technology in ensuring integrity for the industry.

The live demonstration was part of a press event held at Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City on Sunday Nov 18th, hosted by DraftKings, that offered an in-depth look into the topic of sports betting integrity. Click here to view the entire article.

November 19, 2018
David Briggs, CEO of GeoComply talks about a geolocation map that shows in real-time, where people are participating in online gaming in New Jersey. The map was part of an event to showcase how the state is regulating online sports betting at Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City on Nov. 18th.

In addition, David explained that seventy-two percent of the online sports betting traffic is within 10 miles of a border in New Jersey, reflecting both where people live in the state and the fact that people will drive just over the border to place bets.

Thanks to DraftKings and Mark Giannantonio as well as New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal for the opportunity to brief the media and explain the work that GeoComply does to protect sports integrity and compliance for state and federal law. Click here to view the entire article.

October 18, 2018
SBC in their Sports Betting Guide to G2E wrote a feature story on how GeoComply’s virtual fences support the rollout of online sports betting in the US. Not only does GeoComply ensure that bets are placed by individuals within a regulated state, but also ensures that sportsbook operators are streaming live feeds of events only within licensed territories. Read more on this page.

August 23, 2018

Read an excellent article from our partner Akamai on best practices for premium video streaming, discussing the need for rightsholders to protect themselves against unauthorized viewing by enforcing geographical rights through the use of VPN and other proxy detection technology. Learn more about our partnership with Akamai and our Hollywood Studio-approved solution for VPN detection.

July 19, 2018
Lindsay Slader, GeoComply’s VP Regulatory Affairs, is quoted in Bloomberg Law’s story about the role of regulation and compliance in the emerging U.S. sports betting market. Click here to read the full article.

June 25, 2018
The West Virginia Lottery Commission has passed its sports betting rules for statewide online waging. As a part of this, stringent geolocation verification will be required to ensure that off-site wagers come from people who are physically located inside the state boundaries at the moment they place their bets. Read more here.

June 25, 2018
Congratulations to Rhode Island for passing legislation to legalize sports betting in the state. The legislation approves sports betting at two casinos – Twin River in Lincoln and the Tiverton – and allows for mobile sports betting while on-site. Another perfect application for our on-premise “PinPoint” Bluetooth iBeacon solution.

June 22, 2018
More exciting post-PASPA news with Mississippi announcing its approval of on-property sports betting! GeoComply is actively working onsite with MS casino operators to enable patrons to place bets via their smartphones while on property using our proven “PinPoint” Bluetooth iBeacon solution. Learn how PinPoint works.

June 19, 2018

Congratulations to the BBC, a GeoGuard customer, for breaking their live online viewing record! England’s victory over Tunisia saw three million requests to stream the match online on BBC iPlayer and BBC Sport – the highest ever live viewing for any BBC program online. The live viewing figures make the match the most watched TV program of the year so far, beating the Royal Wedding. More details here.

May 31, 2018
GeoComply’s Lindsay Slader explains why the company’s geolocation technology will have a pivotal role in states with online sports betting, similar to how New Jersey online casinos use geolocation. Click here to read the full article.

May  15, 2018
Anna Sainsbury, CEO is interviewed by Bloomberg Law about geolocation technology and the compliance requirements for intra-state sports betting with the repeal of PASPA. Click here to read the full article.

May  15, 2018
Lindsay Slader, GeoComply’s Operations Manager is interviewed in a Wired Magazine article on the recent PASPA repeal and what it means for sports betting in the US. Read it here.

May  1, 2018
GeoComply, the iGaming industry’s trusted solution for reliable, secure, and accurate geolocation, is featured in today’s press release officially announcing their shared liquidity software that offers players in Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey a combined service, a wider variety of games and larger prize pools. GeoComply provides with a dynamic geolocation compliance solution for the shared liquidity pool to ensure players are physically located inside the borders of the three states. Read the full announcement here.

April 23, 2018
Interstate compact takes effect May 1st tying Delaware-Nevada-New Jersey Poker Platforms, with tech backed by GeoComply. Read the full article here.

August  28, 2017
GeoGuard is honoured to announce that it will be joining NexGuard’s Harrie Tholen and Limelight Network’s Steve Miller-Jones at the IBC2017 Conference next month.

Amongst the scores of diverse media experts present at the IBC2017 Conference, Anna, Harrie and Steve will be discussing protecting media assets and countering cyber threats in the OTT world.

On the panel at the Conference, Anna will be discussing GeoGuard’s advanced solutions to counter the threat of geo-location piracy and will be answering any questions.

David will be leading the stand at the Exhibition. He will explain the need for detecting Geo-piracy amongst the banking, security and entertainment industries. Furthermore, he can happily explain how GeoGuard can prevent consumers from illicitly using geo-piracy tools, such as VPNs or DNS proxies, to access services which do not have legal rights in their respective geographical locations.

About the IBC Conference & Exhibition

The aim of the IBC2017 Conference is to open up discussion and debate surrounding the media and entertainment fields. The event encourages the exploration and understanding of developing policies and strategies, and of the ever-increasing technological advancement across the globe.

The theme of this year’s conference is Truth, Trust and Transformation: a theme close to GeoGuard’s core values as the transformation to online streaming increases alongside the demand for Geo-piracy and online DRM (Digital Rights Management) tools.

Please come and check out the panel at Hub,14.J10, on Monday 18th September between 15:30 – 16:30.

Visit our booth at the Exhibition in Hall 14, Stand 14.M23 for the duration of the exhibition.

December  23, 2015
GeoComply CEO Anna Sainsbury is featured in iGaming North America’s latest cover story, which profiles the latest and greatest technology suppliers.  “The Tech Trinity” article discusses how gaming technology vendors – GeoComply, along with its payment and data verification partners – are essential to the security and regulation of today’s US iGaming industry.

Read here for the full article.

March 30, 2015
GeoComply was in Washington, DC yesterday defending the US iGaming industry in a RAWA hearing technology session alongside Caesars Entertainment, Idology, and the PPA.
Watch the video here for full coverage of the event.

February 4, 2015
GeoComply is pleased to announce its agreement with MGM Resorts International (NYSE:MGM) to provide geolocation services for mobile casino and sportsbook products, set to debut at MGM Resorts properties later in 2015.

GeoComply’s technology will be integrated into on-property mobile casino and sportsbook apps to verify a player’s location before they play, in order to deliver the highest possible level of compliance with federal and state regulations.

“MGM Resorts has been looking for creative ways to bring interactive casino gaming to mobile devices for quite some time,” said Tom Mikulich, MGM Resorts Senior Vice President of Business Development. “GeoComply’s geofencing capabilities will provide an effective and efficient means to transform our casino floors in Nevada into spaces where patrons can use their cell phones and tablets for legal casino gaming.”

GeoComply CEO Anna Sainsbury stated, “We’re honored to work with MGM Resorts on this unique project – in-building geolocation has never been done before in this space.  We have morphed our best-of-breed technologies used for Nevada poker and New Jersey into an on-property solution which can pinpoint the location of a player within a few feet.”

January 8, 2015
BBC reports VPNs, Proxies, a major issue for Streaming Content Providers

Reports that Netflix is cracking down on VPN and proxy use to thwart unlicensed, out of country access has caught the attention of BBC and a number of tech news sources this week.

Location cloaking technologies are often used by travellers abroad and expats to access streaming services on BBC’s iPlayer, Netflix Pandora, etc.

These service providers are commonly plagued with blocking international traffic to uphold licensing and regulatory obligations.  BBC reported Netflix’ statement on the matter, confirming that their “terms of service state that you are not allowed to virtually cross borders because of content licensing systems”.

Thanks to GeoComply’s territorial blocking capabilities, a next generation solution to geoblocking can easily be used to shutdown unwarranted foreign access for good.  While Netflix spokesman Cliff Edwards has said that ”detecting VPN usage is like playing a game of whack-a-mole,” new geolocation technologies do now exist with a full arsenal of anti-spoofing tools.

Currently, the highly regulated internet gambling markets in New Jersey and Nevada rely on GeoComply’s advanced location spoofing detection to stand up to strict federal and state requirements for licensing, e-payments, and identity verification.

December 10, 2014
GeoComply is pleased to announce it has been granted its full license as an ancillary internet services provider in New Jersey by the Division of Gaming Enforcement.

GeoComply currently provides geolocation and antifraud solutions to 100% of the New Jersey iGaming market.

Like most internet gaming providers in New Jersey, GeoComply had been operating on a temporary license until the DGE concluded their full licensing investigation.

May 26, 2014
GeoComply was again called upon recently for their expert witness testimony at Pennsylvania’s first internet gaming hearing. GeoComply was speaking on the capabilities of geolocation technology and its ability to enable legal gambling within the state’s borders, should Pennsylvania move to adopt internet gaming in the future.

This hearing was held just before Pennsylvania released their May 1st gaming report on the current condition and future viability of casino gaming.

April 24, 2014
GeoComply CEO, Anna Sainsbury, testified at the April 23rd internet poker hearing put on by the  California Assembly Committee on Governmental Organization, discussing GeoComply’s accuracy and rejection rates.

“Anna Sainsbury, CEO of GeoComply, was a hit at the hearing. She discussed the company’s ability to locate players. She says that geolocation rejection rates are about 1.5 percent. She blamed most of this on players that run remote desktop software, use a proxy server, or VPN.”

For more information regarding the California Online Poker Hearing, read the complete article here.

December 23, 2013

GeoComply Passes Five Million Mark for Geolocations in New Jersey’s iGaming Market

Mt Laurel, New Jersey — GeoComply is pleased to announce that merely four weeks after New Jersey’s regulated Internet gaming market officially launched, it has already provided over five million geolocation results for its customers.

This milestone figure is reflective of the success of the overall market launch and the demand amongst players to access New Jersey’s licensed iGaming sites – 10 out of 11 of which rely upon GeoComply for their geo-location verification services.

Following this achievement, GeoComply’s CEO Anna Sainsbury stated:

“GeoComply is delighted to see New Jersey’s regulated Internet gaming market performing so strongly. We look forward to continuing to fulfill the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement’s high regulatory standards, while also providing New Jersey’s Internet gaming operators with the most accurate and reliable geo-location technology available.”

August 13, 2013
GeoComply, the Geolocation specialist for the iGaming market is the first Internet Ancillary Services provider to successfully file its application with the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.

GeoComply USA’s CEO, Anna Sainsbury, commented; “New Jersey is an important market to us and our customers and the fact that GeoComply was the first Internet Ancillary entity to successfully submit for licensing is an indication of our commitment to being ready for the market-opening in November.”

June 21, 2013
Location technology provider, GeoComply USA, Inc. has become the latest company to be awarded a Class II Nevada Gaming License. Yesterday’s award comes after successful hearings before the Nevada Gaming Control Board and Nevada Gaming Commission earlier this month.

“We’re very excited to receive our license in Nevada and have the ability to offer Nevada operators our accurate, user-friendly and secure geolocation solutions,” says GeoComply CEO Anna Sainsbury. “It’s a big step in our continued commitment to the evolving North American iGaming market.”

GeoComply has also submitted a license application with the state of New Jersey, in preparation for its services going live in the Garden State this year with various iGaming suppliers and operators.

May 8, 2013
SecureTrading Inc. have announced a partnership with GeoComply for the provision of geolocation services to support online gaming payments in Nevada.

April 23, 2013
GeoComply and Locaid have announced a deal which will see GeoComply integrate Locaid’s Mobile Location solution into the GeoComply Matrix. The deal was announced today at the 12th annual iGaming Summit & Expo in San Francisco.

August 2, 2012
NYX Gaming Group has selected GeoComply to supply geolocation services in regulated markets.

For any press inquiries, please contact:

See the summary of previous company awards of 2014-2021 years on this page.

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